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Animal Hospital of Chetek & Animal Hospital North (Rice Lake)

Behavior Consultations

Inappropriate behavior is the number one reason dogs and cats are abandoned or euthanized. Behavior issues are often misunderstood, unexpected, frustrating and, many times, difficult to manage. They can lead to a weakening or severance of that crucial and emotional bond between human and animal. Behavior problems cause stress in animals and those involved with their care, further exacerbating the underlying problems. Oftentimes what we perceive to be a behavioral problem may be a medical problem, because of this we may recommend medical tests to rule out some causes of your pet's inappropriate behavior. At the Animal Hospital of Chetek and Animal Hospital North our behavioral consultations focus on diagnosing your pet's condition (whether it be physical of mental), setting reasonable expectations (not all behaviors can be corrected), and creating a treatment plan which may include environmental adjustments, behavior modification techniques, pheromone therapy, and possibly the use of medications.


Behavior issues that are commonly seen for consultations include: 


  • Separation anxiety
  • Attention seeking behaviors
  • Barking, leash pulling, general disobedience
  • Fearful behaviors
  • Environmental phobias, such as noise and thunderstorms
  • Housetraining, marking and elimination disorders
  • Compulsive disorders


  • Inappropriate elimination (defecation and urination) problems
  • Fearful behaviors
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Inappropriate scratching 



Be aware that our primary goal is to keep people safe. Because of that we may recommend rehoming or euthanizing animals that are aggressive towards human - especially those that have physically harmed a human in the past.