Animal Hospital of Chetk/North (Rice Lake)

941 24 1/2 Street
Chetek, WI 54728


Amber Animal Hospital North Rice Lake Chetek Vet Assistant Amber is a Veterinary Assistant and our Client Service Director. She joined AHC in September 2000.  She attended the University of Wisconsin - Barron County in Rice Lake where she received her Associates of Art and Science degree.  Amber has lived in Rice Lake all her life.  She has two black labs: Dozer, and Camo; as well as three cats: Poppy, Topper and Tiger. Amber loves NASCAR, four-wheeling, baseball, and Dairy Queen. Many believe Amber is personally responsible for the recent 3rd quarter gains of that Franchise. Amber also loves participating in local Cher look-a-like contest (she's been a runner-up three times!). Amber and her husband Tim have 2 daughters.

Heather Animal Hospital North Rice Lake Chetek Certified Veterinary Technician Heather is our certified veterinary technician. She joined us in September 2013. Heather holds a certification in veterinary physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine. She has a love for all animals big and small, she has too many pets to list here. In her "free" time she runs her own veterinary physical therapy business - Pawsitively. Heather is also a former instructor at Globe University. Heather can also be found volunteering at Bob's House for dogs in Eau Claire. She has two sons, and she is an avid baseball mom. As you can see Heather is very busy person, it is truly amazing that she does everything mentioned above and she still finds time to participate in legal (mostly legal) street races. Heather had a role in the Original 'The Fast and Furious,' but she quit when they would not let her perform her own stunts. 
Amy Animal Hospital North Rice Lake Chetek Vet Receptionist Amy is our Client Services Representative. She joined the Animal Hospital of Chetek in May 2005. She attended Chippewa Valley Technical College where she received her Administrative Assistant's Associate Degree. She and her husband Brian have a teenage son. Amy has a  Yorkshire Terrier named Sadie that mix her husband rescued from a bad situation. She also has three cats: Murray. Sassy and Stewie. Amy enjoys camping, four-wheeling, and building perpetual motion machines - some say they defy the laws of thermodynamics, Amy says, "those laws were meant to be broken." 

Mari-Lyn Animal Hospital North Rice Lake Chetek Vet assistant and Kennel Manager Mari-Lyn is one of our veterinary assistants. She joined the Animal Hospital of Chetek in May of 2006. Mari-lyn and her husband Kurt have 7 cats, yes, SEVEN cats, plus a few barn cats. A model employee since she was 16, Mari-Lyn knows nearly everyone of our boarding pets by name and all the little things each individual pet needs to be happy.  When not tending to "her Boarders" she spends her work days fighting other staff members to be first in line to trim nails and express anal glands. In her free time Mari-Lyn enjoys Hunting, Fishing, Biking, and complaining about her boss.

Kylee Animal Hospital North Rice Lake Chetek Kennel Assistant
Kylee joined our team in February of 2015 as a kennel attendant. She had been bringing her pets to our hospital before she could see over the exam room table. Kylee and her husband Caleb have a TeddyBear named Charlie and a few horses. Her favorite pastimes are hiding things around the hospital, renaissance fairs, making awkward comments, and Katana sword fighting. Kylee is known to only eat once a month, and eat naught but bear meat. 

Brittany Forearm
Brittany is a certified veterinary technician that joined our hospital after spending years helping with a Donkey Basketball program. She joined our crew in February of 2018 and we knew she'd be awesome because she had been bringing in her dog Peppermint to see us already. Brittany grew up just North of Rice Lake and in true small town fashion - she seems to know everyone in some way. Brittany is somewhat of celebrity, known worldwide for her awe inspiring forearms. She has done stand in forearm work for several actors including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Alan Alda. 

  Mel  joined our team in September of 2020, right in the the middle of the pandemic. We knew little about her, but she showed up, said she used to be a vet assistant in Eau Claire, and with no reference checks, we hired her. Turns out, we made a good choice. Mel has a cat that hates her. She likes shooting stuff, driving while applying make-up, and underwater basket weaving. She once weaved a basket in under 8 minutes. 

  Kate, also known as Kim, and sometimes called Megan Started in January 2020 as our intern and performed exceedingly well, so well that we had to hire her.  While her job performance has remained consistently good, we have not taken the time to actually get to know her due to her former intern status. While we believe she has a family and pets, and perhaps a life and interests outside of her interning; we don't really know. As it is we have already wrote too much about an intern.

  Frances joined the club in April of 2021 after spending time working with Wildlife in Oklahoma, and then spending time with the Humane society. Frances has a German Shepherd named Rico. Frances has traveled the world, and is trilingual, she has even spent time in Japan teaching English. While she loves traveling, her real passion is for K-pop. She is currently taking singing lessons and hopes to move to Korea one day. We only hope she remembers us once she makes it big.