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Getting your new puppy off to a healthy start is very important. There are eight areas of preventative care regarding your new puppy's health every owner should know. Your puppy's specific needs depend on his/her lifestyle. Immunizations, deworming and parasite prevention are important, proper socialization is also important during the early ages.

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Puppies, like children, need series of vaccinations to establish immunity to specific diseases. After the initial series, adult dogs need only to be boostered periodically. There are four types of vaccinations for dogs at the following recommended schedule:

  • 8 weeks: DHP+Pv (Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus), Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • 12 weeks: DHP+Pv, Lyme (primarily for dogs exposed to ticks) 
  • 16 weeks: DHP+Pv, Lyme, Rabies?

All immunizations are boostered according to your pet's health status and risk factors. We will discuss this at yearly checkups and vaccinate you pet as needed. The rabies booster is done as a one year, and then every third year.



A stool sample should be checked twice a year with your pet's physical examinations. The stool sample is concentrated and examined under a microscope for evidence of specific worm eggs. Only two of five common intestinal parasites are visible in the stool occasionally. Whipworms, Coccidia and Hookworms are too small to see and rarely pass in the stool. Puppies should be wormed at their fist visit to the doctor because they are usually born with worms. Because worms can cause serious illness in people, especially children, it is important to keep your pet free from worms.

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These parasites live on the dog's skin. They cause itching, skin infections, anemia, Lyme disease, hearing problems and worms. We will check your puppy for these parasites and recommend specific treatment or prevention if necessary. There are a variety of products available for flea and tick prevention, we will be happy to discuss what product is best for your puppy at their appointment.

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This worm is the size of a piece of spaghetti and lives in the heart. It produces immature worms called microfilaria in the blood-stream which are transmitted from dog to dog by the bite of a mosquito. Every dog should be tested once a year for heartworm infections as part of his/her regular physical examination, and take the heartworm preventative medication once a month. Heartworm is a devastating disease which causes heart, lung, liver and kidney disease. It is fatal if not treated, but is very preventable with the medication. We carry a variety of heartworm preventatives in our clinic and at our online store. Many of these products also help prevent hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms which can be harmful to both you and your pet. Ask our staff about these products and how they can benefit your New Puppy!

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It is easy to be a responsible pet owner. Just remember that your dog depends on you to provide companionship, health, food, veterinary care, shelter and safety. They also rely on you to teach them good behaviors. Most pet behavior problems result from what their owners unintentionally teach or do not teach them during the first six months of life. This is when puppies are learning what will largely shape their personalities, their role in the family and their relationships to other people and animals. THE NUMBER ONE REASON YOUNG DOGS ARE SURRENDERED OR EUTHANIZED IS BAD BEHAVIOR. A good method of preventing these bad habits is to enroll your puppy in Kindergarten classes. These classes will not only teach you as an owner how to train your puppy, but will also take great steps towards making your puppy a well socialized dog. Socializing your dog at a young age will help you teach your puppy to approach new things with a friendly, confident, and trusting manor. We also recommend the Gentle Leader System that offers a fast, gentle and effective way to control unwanted behavior - without harsh methods or devices! Because it's scientifically designed to work with your dog's natural instincts, behavior changes in minutes - not weeks!

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